Today marks the release of the ArtFrame with the largest e-paper panel to date. The 13.3" digital picture frame joins the 6" and 9.7" version, has almost twice the area of the 9.7" panel and nearly five times the area of the 6" panel. Like its smaller siblings, it can show 16 different gray shades. It comes with twice the battery capacity of the smaller devices and will last for up to a year. The single button interface is now flatter and almost invisible, surrounded by a circular status LED.

Short press just changes the picture, long press activates the configuration mode, where the device creates a local WiFi hotspot that allows uploading of images, specifying a web server to fetch images from and changing of configuration details like defining the time between automatic picture changes. Already uploaded images can now be identified by their thumbnails.

The video below shows all three devices in action side by side.