The wireless ArtFrame epaper devices have supported fetching images via WiFi ever since their release. With firmware version 1.4 and above, they allow for dynamic refresh intervals to be set by the remote host when operating in WiFi mode. This comes in handy if you want your ArtFrame device to show current information that changes once in a while, but not with a constant cycle time.

For example you can have the title and artist of the song currently playing in your media player displayed on the device, along with the associated cover art. Media players like the awesome VLC media player can be used to query the necessary information, which it provides via a simple API.

When the ArtFrame requests an image, the appropriate covert art, artist and song title is stitched together and sent alongside the next refresh interval, which is set to the remaining time the song will be playing. Right when the song comes to its end, the ArtFrame awakes and queries for new content.

This way you can have the song information with cover art of the currently playing song right on your wall. Instructions on how to set up the software can be found on GitHub.