Today, a new frame joins FrameLabs' device portfolio of e-paper based picture frames: a version of the ArtFrame featuring a huge 31.2" e-paper panel. The staggering screen estate is almost five times larger than the previously largest ArtFrame.

The device is operated in the same way as its smaller siblings: a hardware button with LED ring at the bottom side of the frame, WiFi connectivity with a local, standalone browser-based configuration interface, including an API to deliver content remotely.

Like with every ArtFrame, there is support for 16 different gray shades and dithering for high quality visual impressions. The display panel has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and — in contrast to the smaller devices, which feature built-in lithium polymer batteries — the ArtFrame 31.2" is operated by AA batteries, which enable it to run on a single charge for many month.

The first batch was just delivered to customers. Here are some impressions:

device with larger frame and matte A custom build with a 100 cm x 70 cm frame.

device with smaller frame and matte A custom build with a 90 cm x 60 cm frame, currently displaying SpaceX’s Raptor and Raptor 2 rocket engine.